Pigs Can Fly

Pigs Can Fly is a flash game about .. you guess it! Flying Pigs!! You must pick and choose a sequence of obstacles to move out of the way at the right time to drag your pig to the end location marked by a multi-colored potion. You will notice a GREEN and a BLUE object or obstacle that can be moved once you activate the appropriate color and designate a certain action. The actions are performed some-what chronologically as you will observe the unique timing each action will carry over. They should really call this game "Pigs Can Be Dragged Against Their Will" but I guess "Pigs Can Fly" sounds a lot better and more politically correct.

| Click the PINK potion to move the PIG |
| Click the BLUE potion to move the BLUE OBSTACLE |
| Click the GREEN potion to move the GREEN OBSTACLE |
| Click the ORANGE potion to move the ORANGE OBSTACLE |

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